Tuesday, April 21, 2009

today's math class

Today's math class was SUPER boring. We measured capacity. If Oliver is reading this,quarts,pints,tbsp,cups,gallons, and tsp. Plus, we had a substitute. Subs always baby us. And it was Miss. Schultz. She's the worst. She read us a Eric Carl book. he wrote ''Arthur.'' That's for a Pre-Schooler.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Today, my hamster, p-nut, decided it was enough "handling" for today. He decided to punch and bite me. i held him 15 minutes before church this morning. + he was asleep too, which explains a lot. 5 minutes after he got a little intentional, he came out. {took him long enough!} Stuart wrote this as his theme song.

"He is a ninja_____
when he is feeling ninja-ish_____ . He feels ninja-ish______, when he's on ninjaroids__ .
He is a ninja_______ when he sticks to the shadows______. He likes to ninja punch ev'ryone a lot________________.